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Check in here to see some of the amazing people we are supporting to get exploring in 2019. If you want to do something adventurous but are limited in your ability to access the outdoors, financially or otherwise, we may be able to help you over the hurdle to support you on your way. Find out more and apply here.



Caitlin, 16

We are hugely inspired by the character and efforts of Caitlin, who is fundraising for her expedition to Costa Rica; while studying and looking after her brother as a registered young carer. We wish her the best of luck with the rest of her fundraising and look forward to following her progress!


We are very happy to support Tom on his way to achieving his long term goal of climbing Island Peak, Nepal, which he set while suffering from depression at university. He aims to help ‘break the stigma’ while raising money for the mental health charity Mind. An ambitious and inspiring project - we wish him luck with his training, fundraising and expedition itself!


Alice, 16

We are proud to support Alice on her expedition to Belize to assist a community project and complete an incredibly arduous 4 day trek.



We are proud to support Isabella, Emma, Nanda, Eve and Tom on their World Challenge expedition to Morocco in 2019.


Jahmai, 17

We are excited to help Jahmai on his way to Costa Rica for a four week project as he overcomes living with DCD in an inspiring way. It will be an exciting but challenging environment to live and work and we look forward to watching Jahmai’s progress and updates.


We are inspired by Carla’s ambitious plan to execute a solo hike of the Arctic Trail carrying with her all the food and equipment she will need for the fourteen day, 200km expedition.

JOE, 17

On his epic expedition to Bosnia and Serbia to kayak sections of the Drina, Sava and Danube Rivers as part of a four person sixth-form team conducting research into: plastic and heavy metals pollution; invasive mosquitoes; and impacts of civil war on youth opinions. Find out more at their website: www.kayakdrina.co.uk

Read Joe’s brilliant post expedition report here.


We are very happy to support Jessica on her bid to join a British Exploring expedition to the Peruvian Amazon. Five weeks trekking through the jungle to track, record and monitor the distribution and ecology of the diverse wildlife is in store.