On the water...

Well, last night we had our first canoe lesson on the water. I think it went rather well....

With our experience of kayaking limited to flatwater lakes and rivers in comfortable holiday destinations such as the West Coast of Scotland and white water rafting in Iceland we were advised to start with the basic techniques before committing to the open seas. Wise advice.

So yesterday evening we duly set off with the Durham University Canoe Club to Darlington's finest Dolphin Centre Swimming Pool and spent the evening learning the basic paddling strokes and rolling, which the team took to with great and unquestionable success. Needless to say the aim will be not to capsize until we have had a few more lessons!

First kayaking technique lesson. (Credit: Victoria Stockbridge)            

First kayaking technique lesson. (Credit: Victoria Stockbridge)            

On the expedition we will be kayaking an average of 30 miles a day with the longest days up to 90 miles! Paddling without a support team we will be island hopping around the Antilles from Grenada all the up to Miami. Just to make sure it is an enjoyable trip we will be paddling during the tail end of hurricane season, the whole rainy season and into the beginning of the trade wind periods. Who said the Caribbean would make it easy for us!?