At the time of planning George was 21, studying Modern Languages at Durham University. Sport and pushing himself to the limits has always been a part of his life. Since an extremely young age he often found myself in the deep end on family adventure holidays and was fortunate enough to experience a huge variety of outdoor activities.

George wrote: "Along with playing in a number of sports teams, I have always looked to push myself physically. Completing a marathon, London to Barcelona bike ride and a number of ski touring expeditions along the way.

 Kayaking is something that is relatively new to myself and Will, however we’ve been lucky enough to forge a strong relationship over the years. Having completed a number of expeditions together I am extremely confident we will make this a success."


At the time of planning Will was 20 years old, studying Economics at Durham University, a keen sportsman and outdoors enthusiast. Having been lucky enough to spend time on a number of expeditions cycling, skiing, running, driving, to places such as the Arctic, Kenya, Iceland and Romania, this was the time to battle a new frontier…. The high seas.

Will wrote: "I have a strong appetite for challenges and new adventures, however big or small. I believe George and I have the potential to complete an extraordinary challenge, paddling the English Channel every day for a couple of months – utterly mad – and raise a respectable amount for a very special charity.

Time to push the boat out."

Will and George have established a hardy partnership over recent years making them a formidable team to take on this latest challenge. Other exploits together range from the Tough Guy Marathon, to a Cherbourg to Barcelona bike ride to a driving expedition around Iceland.

Iceland, August 2015

Tough Guy Mega Marathon, April 2014

Tough Guy Mega Marathon, April 2014

Cycling to Barcelona, Summer 2014

Cycling to Barcelona, Summer 2014

As the Founding Directors of the Get Exploring Trust, we hope to use our experiences to inspire other people from whatever background, age or demographic to get into the great outdoors, challenge themselves in different environments and develop their characters. Most importantly we want to inspire people to enjoy the environments we have come to love and have gained so much from exploring.

 Our aim is to help and aid those in need of financial support with small to medium size grants for those undertaking trips or expeditions, microadventures or training courses, that fit in line with our ethos and passion for adventure. The crazier the better.

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