Bridget or Bequia?

A brief Saturday update from the UK.

The guys are currently paddling through the Grenadines from Canouan toward St Vincent on a 30 mile hop. Right now, Mustique lies about 15 miles to their East and they will pass Bequia, (what a great island that is), also on their starboard side. They are making very good time so far and are kicking on at a fair old lick. All being well should reach St Vincent mid to late afternoon.

No new photographs unfortunately. They have been out of touch, (apart from the Satellite texter), for 48 hours but hopefully we can expect an update from them later today if they can access wifi on arrival in St Vincent. In the meantime the live map is updating every 10 mins or so and may be found here.

Meanwhile, back in the bosom of domestic bliss that is my life, I'm being dragged off later to see bloody Bridget Jones. I'd rather not, obviously, but Deepwater Horizon was a non starter given her little cherub is bobbing up and down in the ocean far away. Bloody Bridget Jones....... I can't help thinking it's all gone wrong somewhere. I'm with you in spirit though lads............