Hard Landings

So after months and months of preparation we are finally out here in Grenada!


After both arriving on Thursday and negotiating the delights of airport customs - for some reason George created a bit of a stir with the customs officers when he turned up with his 7 bags of equipment - we have since been unbelievably busy getting ready for the off.

Friday morning was spent collecting the kayak from Grenada's commercial port. This involved being bounced from enquiries, to security, to customs, to brokers, to more customs, back to security, and finally to the port storage warehouse. Here, after many stomach churning blank responses from the managers as we asked for what we could only assume would be a fvcking great big box, we finally found our vessel tucked nice and inconspicuously out the back.


A bemused truck driver helped us deliver it back to our poor host's house, aptly named Hard Landings after his career in the RAF. Since then it has been hard at work sorting, prepping and packing our kit and testing our equipment. Check out some of the kit we are using here:



This morning we spent time customizing the kayak and adding our sponsors details to make it look like a proper expedition boat. Check out some of our sponsors on the website here:


And this afternoon, finally, we got out on the water for a paddle. The Caribbean is average. But we think the kayak looks cool... 


The plan is to set off in a few days time. We have more preparation to do in the meantime and have been told Grenada's national news want to interview us tomorrow!?.. Monday is the proposed date of departure, although this may slip to Tuesday. Our only concern at the moment is the depression developing over the Atlantic heading our way - these things often turn into tropical storms, in which case we will have to batten down the hatches for a few days and wait it out.. 

More to follow! Check out our new Instagram account: goldenarcexpedition


Well we've been a bit slack recently at keeping you all up to date with our progress, probably because George buggered off to Mexico and Will to Germany... but we are getting back on top of our social media now. 

We have, though, reached the nice £1000 mark on our Virgin Giving page (thank you Chris Mak for that!). We really appreciate the support from all you generous folk who have sponsored us and shared the page.

And thank you Vicki for the added incentive! 

If you would like to, you can sponsor us here. Please pass onto friends and family who may like to sponsor us.

We have also had some brilliant corporate sponsorship... we are really excited to be working with a whole host of companies and kit suppliers who have supported us with some really fantastic items from charts from here and here to dry bags to expedition hammocks. We will be having a look at it all in due course..